Beautiful Portrait Painting To Beautify Your Homes

Lian Liu’s sketches typically show the various nuances of the face of the person she draws. Many new and old portraits have been done by her covering various individual. Portraits are intended to show the main features and characteristics of the individual. Lian Liu artist lays more emphasis on such details in portrait. Some visible details and blemishes may be omitted on request of the individual sometimes.

It is now very difficult to afford original painting made by an artist. Photography introduced in 19th and 20th century and latest communication methods changed portrait painting fundamentally. Now people who believe in bit of preservation and those who wish to have their beloved persons painted on the canvas, may be able to get this done at a reasonable cost.

Expensive portrait painting has now become popular. These can be preserved as pieces for remembrance for a long time. A lot of persons seem inclined to get the portraits of their children, parents, grand children, grand parents made. Besides this the depiction of dear animals, attractive landscapes and fancy cars are also in great demand. In case your pocket permits, portrait could also be given as individual birthday present. This unique gesture would certainly be well appreciated. Good painters like Lian Liu make these portraits with such precision that their similarity to the original is unbelievable and in fact it is as good as the photograph. These sketches are the perfect tool for gifting and remembering old times.

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